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Many building contractors require follow up cleans, known in the building sector as Sparkle cleans.

We have worked alongside interior building companies and carried out their cleaning requirements to enable them to hand over a clean retail outlet or office building to their clients.

We are fully aware that there will be on some occasions be factors that affect the timing of such cleans and subsequent handovers to clients. Our relationship that we build with each project manager enables us to communicate with them and effectively adjust our involvement to coincide with that of any new schedules.

Our work, in addition to the removal of any construction dust, includes the removal of all labels and stickers form fixtures, windows etc.

We also, using appropriate equipment and materials, clean all flooring, walls, fixture and fittings to the highest standard to allow the occupants to simple move in as soon as the building has been handed over to them.

We can carry our builders cleans which involve the removal of excess debris and construction dust at different stages of building works, this again would be achieved effectively with the liaison between the project manger and our appointed manager.