Employee Of The Month – August 2019

We are delighted to announce that ‘Employee of The Month’ for August goes to Joaquim Soares, Supervisor at Ash Manor School who has been with IMS since 2018.  He was nominated for the award by his Area Manager, Svetlana Naneva, due to his constant commitment in exceeding his job responsibilities.

Malcolm Smith, Operations Manager at IMS states ‘Mr Soares really is an asset to us at IMS, no task is ever too small, and he is always willing to get stuck in!  It is people like him who ensures that the service to our clients remains first-class, which is pivotal to our continued success’

An Employee of The Month certificate, along with some Amazon shopping vouchers have been awarded to Joaquim, to show our gratification for his hard work.



Introducing the Employee of the Month scheme has been a chance to reward those in the team who have really stood out, and it is never an easy decision to make!

If you would like to join one of our School Cleaning Services team, please contact the office today on 01344 845000.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Insite Managed Services awards Special Recognition Award

At Insite Managed Services, we really are the best at what we do because we have the best employees, and we like to show our gratification and appreciation.  In addition to our ‘Employee of The Month’, this month we awarded a ‘Special Recognition Award’ to one of our outstanding cleaning operatives.

Natalia Wieczorek has worked for one of our clients from the Pharmaceutical sector in Slough, Berkshire since 2017.  When IMS attended a recent managerial meeting at the site, it was commented that Natalia is a fantastic and committed cleaning operative, she can be relied upon to do the job at hand and always has a smile!

So, a big thank you to Natalia for going ‘the extra mile’ to satisfy our customer, a certificate was awarded to her along with some Amazon shopping vouchers to show our gratification as a company.

Neil Webb, Managing Director at IMS states ‘I am extremely proud to receive such positive feedback from our client, I would like to express my appreciation and thank you to Natalia for her ‘hard work’, also a big thank you to all our brilliant employees for all the excellent work that you do!’

We are growing as a company and if you would like to become part of our friendly team please do get in touch with us on 01344 845000.



Deep Cleaning at Schools & Cost-effective Holiday Ideas

It has been that time of year again with children on school holidays and resulting in an extremely busy time for us at IMS.  We have spent most of the summer break performing deep cleans at our schools.  Without the occupancy of students for several weeks, the Summer holidays are an ideal time for focusing on the bigger tasks such as the floors, washrooms and canteen areas.

Beginning the Autumn term with a sparkling maintained school boosts a school’s appearance and it sends the right message, focusing on the academic year ahead.

If you would like to enquire about our deep cleaning service, please contact us in the office on 01344 845000.

Steering away from deep cleaning, school holidays throughout the year can also be an expensive time for parents’, and it can be a daunting task to keep children amused and entertained.

See some tips from us at IMS that won’t break the bank and help to create a fun holiday for all.

  1. Go to the park or seaside. You are never too far from the beautiful countryside, open spaces and the sea. Children love to play out-doors and fresh air doesn’t cost anything!
  2. Treasure Hunts. Creating a treasure hunt is a great way to get all the family involved, from drawing your own map, to creating clues and prizes can take up hours of endless fun!
  3. Visit Museums. Lots of museums and galleries are free, and they make great efforts to put on interesting exhibitions for children during school holidays.
  4. Movie Days. Our British weather does not guarantee sunshine every day, for those rainy days, choose a couple of favourite films, grab some popcorn and put your feet up with the kids.

 We hope you enjoyed some of our tips!

Lastly, don’t forget that during school holidays there may be lots going on in your local area.  We recommend, checking the website of your local council, tourist information centre, libraries and community centres to see what’s going on.

Employee Of The Month – July 2019

At Insite Managed Services, we are more than confident in the abilities of all our staff to put in 100%, ensuring we deliver a high-level standard of service to all our clients.  There is one member of our team that has really stood out this month, namely, IMS Cleaning Operative Graham Wilson, who has deservedly won ‘Employee of The Month for July’.

Graham has been with IMS since 2014 and has been a long-standing cleaning operative at our client BTG Pharmaceuticals in Farnham.  He has been nominated as this month’s winner by his Area Manager, Svetlana Naneva due to his outstanding work and always going over and beyond what is expected of him.

Malcolm Smith, Operations Manager at IMS states “Graham has been an excellent employee ever since he joined the company, his professionalism and commitment has not gone unnoticed.  Congratulations Graham, thank you again for your hard work and we hope that you will remain with us for many more years to come!”

An Employee of The Month certificate, along with some vouchers have been awarded to him in appreciation for his hard work at IMS.

If you would like to join our friendly cleaning operatives’ team, please contact us on 01344 845000 or email recruitment@ims.co.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.



Meet our new Health & Safety Coordinator

As we are whizzing through 2019, it’s hard to believe that we are already in the month of July! It has been a very exciting year for IMS, so much has happened since January and we are delighted to share our news with you.

Some changes have involved promotions of team members within the company, the most recent being Louise Carter.  Louise started as an Administrative Assistant with IMS in 2017 and through her hard work and dedication, she was promoted to HR Administrator.  In January 2019, Louise was then awarded the highly responsible role of ‘HR Training, Health & Safety Coordinator’.  Louise stated:I was delighted to be offered the role, IMS are a fantastic company to work for and I look forward to developing myself personally and growing within the company.”

At Insite Managed Services, we feel that we have a responsibility towards both the people we employ, and anyone affected by our work to protect their health and keep them safe.  Having a ‘Health & Safety Coordinator’ in place, completing inspections on site gives us and our clients peace of mind, knowing that a high level of safety measures are in place.

Neil Webb, Managing Director at IMS stated: “I am very excited about the new role, safety is paramount at our client’s sites and we want to make sure that staff feel safe.  Louise is more than suitable for the role, she is responsible, efficient, hard-working and has a sharp eye for detail! I would like to thank Louise for her hard work over the last few months, we look forward to her continued success in her new role working at IMS”

Louise has been particularly busy in her new role the last few months, she has been working closely with our Managing Director, Operations Manager and Area Managers, preparing updated audit paperwork, certificates and method statements prior to visiting our clients.  In the last few weeks, she has been visiting clients and completing audit inspections, going forwards these audits will be carried out periodically.

The inspection on site involves:

  • Checking that COSHH statements are all correct.
  • Ensuring that each site has RAMS in place and that they are in date.
  • Making sure IMS Insurance Certificates are visibly displayed.
  • Checking that all appliances are safe, and PAT tested.
  • Inspecting cleaning cupboards, ensuring that colour coding is correct, chemicals are properly labelled, and lids are tightly screwed on bottles.
  • Ensuring there are no spillages or trip hazards.
  • Making sure that Fire Emergency Evacuation Plans are in place and visibly displayed. Checking that all fire doors are free of any obstructions.

Following completion of the audits, Louise reports back to management at IMS of any findings that require immediate corrective action, once these have been actioned, an audit report is then sent to the client.

These are indeed exciting times at the company! We look forward to sharing some more positive changes which are happening at IMS over the next few months with you.

IMS carry out presentation to school ‘Eco Committee’

We were thrilled as a company to be invited to one of our local school clients to provide a presentation to them on the environment.  The invitation was to speak to their ‘Eco Committee’ about the new products IMS are using to help the environment.  We not only spoke to the children about what IMS are doing, but also about how they can help to reduce single use plastics and recycle in their school and homes.

Louise Carter at IMS who was recently promoted to HR Training, Health & Safety Coordinator and Claire Murphy who works in Sales and Marketing surpassed themselves on putting together a presentation at short notice and provided the 30-minute talk to the school last week.  Both ladies felt extremely honoured to be representing the company.  The talk was to a friendly, inquisitive and enthusiastic group of children aged 4 to 7, currently working on an ‘Eco Project’ for the school.

Louise and Claire talked about how IMS have recently changed our cleaning product to a fantastic eco-friendly product range called ‘Triple 8’.  By using this dosage system, we will be diluting chemicals at the point of use and sourcing water locally which minimises carbon emission and chemical wastage.  Re-using the same spray bottle will also help to reduce plastic packaging, compared with using ready-made chemicals.  We explained in detail to the group of how this new product helps the environment, see some points below which were discussed on the ‘Triple 8’ product:

  • Prior to IMS using the new dosing system product, we would have used 10 bottles of cleaning product a month in a school such as the one we visited, a total usage of 120 plastic bottles a year.
  • We now use 1 bottle of chemical which is diluted in water and this makes up to 100 spray bottles.
  • To sum it up, the plastic and chemical usage has been reduced to 2 bottles of chemical and 2 spray bottles which lasts the entire year!
  • At the end of the year, we then reuse the previous year’s spray bottles.

Below are some more topics from the presentation which were discussed:

  • Where our rubbish goes and how landfill sites are destroying our countryside.
  • Why it is so important to recycle.
  • How IMS are helping the environment not just at our client’s sites, but also have measures in place at our office to reduce waste.
  • We spoke about what other companies are doing to help.
  • Lastly, we asked the children to list some items that they could recycle at the school and in their homes.

The talk was finished by the ladies at IMS thanking the school for inviting them, each of the children were awarded with a fun ‘word search’ from IMS to take home with them.  The School Business Manager and teacher who were both present on the day thanked IMS for visiting the school, stating how it greatly benefited the children and how much everyone enjoyed it.

Louise and Claire on their return to the office stated “We thoroughly enjoyed our time at the school today, they were such a lovely group of children.  We felt honoured to represent the company and we are delighted to be involved in the schools Eco project”.

The teacher present at the talk emailed feedback shortly after to us:

‘Dear Claire,

Thank you for coming to our school today and talking to our Eco Warriors about how your company is helping to save the environment and reduce the amount of plastic you are using.  All the children found it very interesting and are keen to feedback to their classes ‘

Neil Webb, Managing Director at IMS stated “At Insite Managed Services, we are extremely focused on taking positive steps to help the environment.  I felt proud and extremely honoured that we were invited to speak at the school. Louise and Claire did a brilliant presentation, it is fantastic that the children feel as passionate as we do about helping the environment”.

While it is impossible to eliminate waste completely from our lives, we like to think that we are leading the way by implementing changes and enjoy spreading a positive message and visiting schools. It is rewarding to engage with children from an early age, knowing that we are helping them to learn why protecting the environment is so important.

If you would like to work with a Commercial Cleaning Company who use eco-friendly products or perhaps enquire about our presentation which we recently provided to the school, please do get in touch on 01344 845000.

We would love to hear from you.

Employee Of The Month – June 2019

Insite Managed Services as a company prides itself in staff excellence and firmly believes in employee recognition. Recognition is all about acknowledging the hard work and accomplishments of employees within our organisation, we can’t offer an exceptional quality of office cleaning without them.

It is always lovely when we get positive feedback from our clients.   A local school we look after got in touch recently with our Operations Manager Malcolm Smith to advise him that the Supervisor Mr Singh is doing a fantastic job. The School Business Manager commented that ‘Mr Singh is a very friendly and polite individual who shows great pride in his role, he uses his initiative and works very methodically and thoroughly, he is an asset to our school’.

Malcolm Smith, Operations Manager states, ‘We are delighted to receive such positive feedback from our client.  I am proud of Mr Singh, he truly is a hard worker and a valuable employee with IMS, we would like to thank him for his hard work and dedication to the company’.




As a company we focus strongly on our values, two of which are success and driven relationships.   Building relationships with our employees and clients is vital to our company, we want our employees to be happy and our clients to be made feel welcome and comfortable in that they can communicate with us.

With all this in mind, we are delighted to award Mr Singh as June’s Employee of the Month for his hard work and has been awarded with an ‘Employee Of The Month’ certificate and some vouchers for his dedication to the company.

If you would like to join our growing team, please contact us today on 01344 845000.  We look forward to hearing from you.


‘Bring Your Dog To Work Day’ and IMS

‘Bring your Dog to Work Day’ 2019 takes place today the 21st June.  Yes, you have read correct, there is now a day when you can bring your pampered pooches into work with you!   The annual event was established in the UK in 2014 and is for a good cause, raising money for animal welfare charities such as dog rescue charity ‘All Dogs Matter’ and’ International Charity Animals Asia’

Unfortunately, not every boss is keen on bringing your pet into work, we are very lucky at IMS as our Managing Director Neil Webb often brings in Buddy his lively, fun and loving border terrier.  Buddy is part of the furniture and is loved by everyone in the office.

Studies have shown that being in the presence of pets at work can help to lower stress levels and increases positive social interactions.   Dogs are usually much happier too if they can come to work because they do not like to be left at home for long periods of time.

Along with the benefits of bringing your pet to work, let’s admit that taking your dog into work and having cuddles is just plain fun!  Here are some pictures of our little ray of sunshine ‘Buddy’ our office dog.

Mental Health well-being within Clean Working Environments

Mental Health in the workplace is highlighted now more than ever and with it most recently been Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, did you know that having a good Commercial Cleaning Company in place benefits not only your physical health but your overall well-being?  A Study by an Indiana University professor and research scientist, Nicole R. Keith says that people with clean houses are healthier than people with messy houses, the same goes for office spaces.

A typical office worker spends about a third of their lives inside the workplace.  Office equipment when unclean can harbour many germs which increases chances of contracting physical illnesses leading to absenteeism.  Absent staff causes added pressure on existing staff due to dealing with the additional workload, increasing stress levels which can have a detrimental effect on mental health.

Unclean office spaces can cause feelings of disorganisation and a lack of control amongst employees which also has a negative impact on well-being.

Ensuring that you have a good Commercial Cleaning Company in place keeps the office clean and tidy and reducing sick days.  Employees will feel more valued, productive and motivated, benefiting their overall health as well as ready to focus on their work.

As a company, we are passionate at delivering the best possible levels of cleanliness for all our clients that ensure all staff and visitors to their premises feel that they are in a clean and well-presented environment.

Cleaning Company

IMS attends Thames Valley EXPO Event at Ascot Racecourse

IMS were delighted to attend an EXPO event in The Pavilion at Ascot Racecourse in May 2019.   The Thames Valley Expo Ascot, formerly Thames Valley Expo Windsor is a networking event to connect with other business individuals in a beautiful and relaxed environment.

We met with some like-minded individuals, attended some interesting seminar workshops and even got involved in ‘speed networking’ sessions which was a fun way to introduce ourselves!   There were also some very influential keynote speakers at the event such as Dragons Den star Edward Hollands, John Davies an international entrepreneur and founder of Cash Flow, Derek Redmond the British Athlete and Paul Waite a renowned entrepreneur and founder of leading accountancy firms in the UK.

When a person says they are ‘Networking’ immediately what springs to mind is ‘what are you trying to sell’? We like to meet with different people at events such as the recent EXPO, as we are not only sharing what we do as a company, but also meeting with influential people who can give advice on various matters that would improve our business, coming across new opportunities whilst helping each other.

With all this in mind, IMS plan to attend some networking events throughout the year and look forward to sharing our experiences with you.