We strive to be recognised as the market leader in our industry, who use the latest innovations, techniques, equipment, systems and training.

Our cleaning company has been built from the ground up, building on the reputation of excellence, customer satisfaction and value for money.

Our ability to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions has been tested by dozens of customers across a range of market sectors. We’re pleased to say that we are ready to respond whenever you need us.

Our goal is to be your partner of choice, for the delivery of integrated cleaning and support services.

Cleaning Company

We strive to offer you the benefits of our values:

Service Excellence – We consistently strive to be the best not the biggest

Success – Client retention through successful relationships is paramount

Account Transparency – We operate an open book financial policy

Cost Guarantee – Our spend is outlined in the financial breakdown

Sustainable – Focusing on our environmental & Social Responsibility

Driven Relationship – Communication is key to a working relationship
Taking all of this into consideration, we believe that our cleaning company is the best within the industry. Our service is valued by our clients, appreciate our commitment to provide a exception standard of service, who set their own high standards of cleaning, which we always adhere to.

Versatile Solutions

We offer full range of Support Services within IMS.

Our cleaning company remains totally customer focused; the new clients we engage with are looked upon as future reference points for our business. This is obviously only achieved through high standards, efficiency, and an excellent working relationship.

We currently have a workforce a tad over 150 within the South East and it is our company’s ethos that everyone should feel part of the bigger picture and have their say with some of the more strategic decisions that businesses need to take.

Listening to your staff goes a long way, and our sector is all about people and getting things right. If you like the sound of our growing cleaning company, simply pop us a quick email or ring us on 01344 845000. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how our cleaning services can help you