External Cleaning Services

External Cleaning Services

At IMS, we are highly experienced with external cleaning services, and use the latest technology and training to offer an exceptional service. From warehouses, schools, all the way through to factories, cleaning externally can be a very difficult challenge. We clean those hard to reach areas with our external cleaning, and can clean away any build up of moss and algae that can collect over time. We fully understand how important your building is in great condition, and our external cleaning services are here to help you.

All external cleaning is proceeded by surveys to determine the most efficient and safe method of carrying out the tasks. In doing this we are able to minimise disruption of the building occupant's business activities, ensuring your building looks in tip top condition. We use specialist external cleaning equipment which can clean any exterior surface, and have worked with the top brands to ensure their building's are looking it's best. Whether you need an external cleaning service for a car park, small space like a patio or entire building, we have the cleaning experience to help you.

Among our many cleaning services that we are able to provide are:

  • Litter Picking - ranging from small sweet wrappers to skipping a large quantity of rubbish
  • Cleaning of Building Cladding - we help maintain and improve the exterior surface of a building
  • Chewing Gum Removal - using the latest technology we can easily clean and remove chewing gum from tough to reach surfaces
  • Graffiti Removal - Using the most efficient chemicals and technology, we can help remove graffiti from any surface, leaving your external building looking in great condition
  • Light Ggardening Duties - external cleaning services like grass cutting that invites clients and customers

Exterior cleaning of an entire building can be a very difficult task, and be highly time consuming on your important resources. In comparison to this, external cleaning can be dangerous to those who are not trained and not using the correct equipment, which is why it's crucial that you let external cleaning experts do this for you. We ensure we always adhere to health and safety measures that are essential with external cleaning. As well as offering an exceptional cleaning service, we have the resources to help you achieve a sparkling building that welcomes visitors, staff and customers. Simply pop us a quick email to discuss your external cleaning services.