Gorgeous Kitchen

Airport Cleaning Contract In Heathrow: Gorgeous Kitchen

Insite Managed Services are proud to announce that we have recently been chosen by Gorgeous Kitchen to clean their acclaimed restaurant in Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport.

Serving top quality, healthy food, Gorgeous Kitchen is owned by a group of acclaimed female London chefs, who are at the top of the culinary revolution.

Keeping their kitchen, restaurant and dining experience clean, attractive and a place that attracts new paying customers, we’re really happy that we’ve been chosen to clean such a prestigious restaurant like Gorgeous Kitchen.

Operations Director Malcolm Smith says;

“We’re delighted to be chosen by Gorgeous Kitchen to clean their restaurant to our high standards of cleaning. We look forward to working with them closely and making their restaurant shine”.

If you’ll like to discuss how our airport cleaning services in Heathrow experience within the restaurant sector can bring a facelift to your restaurant, cafe, or hotel, we’ll love to hear from you.

We’re always looking to expand our clients within the restaurant sector, so don’t hesitate to get in contact if you’ll like to arrange a quick 10 minute appointment with us.

New Cleaning Contract: Doyle Clayton

Office Cleaning Contract In Reading: Doyle Clayton

We’ve got some fantastic news at Insite Managed Services, as Doyle Clayton choose IMS office cleaning to clean their prestigious offices in Sovereign House in Reading.

We’ve been chosen for our high quality cleaning, impeccable management systems and accreditations, and provide a high quality environment for their lawyers, clients and visiting customers.

Doyle Clayton are the largest employment solicitors in the UK, which is extremely well regarded in the law employment industry. Founded in 1997, they specialize in all aspects of employment law.

We believe that creating a clean and effective office working environment for employees and clients is essential to develop good working habits, which we’re doing on a consistent basis.

Insite Managed Services Managing Director, Neil Webb, says;

“We’re delighted to be chosen by such a prestigious company such as Doyle Clayton.”

We very much look forward to providing a high standard of office cleaning services in Reading for Doyle Clayton and developing a strong working relationship.

What Makes IMS Different?

What Makes IMS Cleaning Service In Hampshire Different?

Here at Insite Managed Services, we’re dedicated to provide our clients, customers and cleaning contracts the best possible cleaning service in Hampshire and surrounding areas, which is tailored to every client.

With our well managed management systems, experienced in numerous cleaning sectors (from leisure, office to retail), and working closely with our clients to ensure a cleaning service which they’re completely happy with, what makes IMS different, and why should you choose us over anyone else? Well here’s a few reasons why;

  • Innovative Cleaning Technology – one way we’ve been able to stand out is with our cleaning technology. We regularly visit ‘The Cleaning Show’ in London, where we discover new forms of technology, so we can always improve our company, cleaning service and cost efficiency
  • Tailor Made Cleaning Contracts – Unlike many other cleaning companies out there, we’re dedicated to provide a cleaning contract which is perfect for any client and customer, to ensure they receive an A class cleaning standard
  • Smooth Change Over of Services – If you have your own in-house cleaners, and your looking to change your cleaning, we provide all of our clients with a smooth change over of services, so it’s effortless and painless for our clients
  • An Emerging & Growing Company – Our experienced cleaners, management staff, all the way through to our head office, are dedicated to provide a cleaning service for every client. We’re emerging as a company, but we also ensure that we offer a personal service too
  • Exceptional Training – To ensure that our cleaners provide our clients with the best form of cleaning, training is one of our main priorities. With this, this reduces the cost of our services, keeps cleaners happy, whilst providing a cleaning service which is sustainable

From leisure, retail, to commercial cleaning, or if you’re in an industry which you want help cleaning, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at any point.

We’ll love to hear from you, as we’re looking to reach out to people within our local area, from Hampshire to Surrey, to provide a cleaning service so you don’t have to!

Want to discuss your cleaning service? Get in contact with us today!

IMS Cleaning Service

New Cleaning Services Technology At IMS in Slough, Surrey

Here at Insite Managed Services in Virginia Water, we’re dedicated to provide a cleaning service which is the best the cleaning industry, with an experienced account management system, cleaning to the highest of standards, and using the latest technology with our cleaning services.

Here’s the many benefits from choosing Insite Managed Services;

~ Provide a cleaning service which is tailored towards all of our clients, so they receive a personal and exceptional cleaning service

~ Excellent management systems with the highest caliber of training available.

~ We approach all of our cleaning in a driven, progressive and honest way, that will make you feel proud of your working environments

From a very successful and enjoyable trip a to ‘The Cleaning Show’ at the London Excel Arena, we discovered new cleaning innovation, technology and the latest cleaning equipment.

IMS are determined to invest in the latest cleaning products and management systems, which makes us truly unique from many other cleaning services in Hampshire and Surrey.

From our graffiti and gum removal technology, floor cleaning products and building recovery systems, IMS are the preferred choice for any of your cleaning services.

We take a lot pride in the technology that we use.

If you’re interested about any of the products, management systems or technology that we use, be sure to get in contact with us at any point. We’ll love to hear from you, and arrange how our cleaning service in Slough, Surrey can help you.

New Leisure Cleaning Contract In Wallington, Surrey – Fit 4 Less

Insite Managed Services is proud to announce a brand new leisure cleaning contract with ‘Fit 4 Less’, a local based gym and leisure centre in the heart of Wallington, Surrey.

This is a fantastic new adventure for us – to provide the gym with a reliable, effective and high standard of cleaning for their gym members, staff and visitors.

With our extensive experience within the leisure and gym cleaning industry, management systems and cleaning training, we’re really pleased with this important announcement.

Within the leisure and gym industry in particular, it’s paramount that cleaning is taken seriously, as any gym can be a gold mine for cross contamination and bacteria. With our cleaning services, we eradicate this and provide gym users and staff with a clean environment to work and exercise in.

If you own a gym, or you work within the leisure industry, or any other industry like commercial to retail, and want to step up your cleaning requirements, be sure to get in contact with us at any time, we’ll love to hear from you.

With our experienced leisure cleaning services, we’re confident we can provide an exceptional cleaning service for you.

It’ll be great if we can arrange a quick 10 minute appointment to discuss how our cleaning service can help make your office, facility or gym shine, which we’re confident we can provide.

Give us a quick email and say hello to us by clicking on this link.

New Cleaning Contract

Business Recovery

New Contract Cleaning Services Website In Surrey!

We’re very pleased to announce a brand new website design on Insite Managed Services, which now showcases even more information about our cleaning services across retail, educational, leisure to office cleaning services.

Featuring our extensive expertise across many if our contract cleaning services, this brand new website design gives you the full scope of what we do for our clients, reveals our high commercial cleaning standards, to finding out more about us – this website has it all! 🙂

We’re really pleased with how it looks, and it’s a massive step up for us, which we really hope you enjoy too.

Here’s some of the pages which we’ve selected with the new design, which we encourage you to look through;

Our Services & Sectors

IMS Cleaning Services & Sectors reveals everything of what we do as a company, from Business Recovery Response, Retail cleaning to Office Cleaning.

Cleaning for clients such as ‘Air Canada’, ‘Blackberry’ and ‘Airworld’, we provide a high quality of cleaning, ensuring that all of our clients are extremely happy with our services.

View more about our Services & Sectors here.

Cleaning Management Systems

We value our management systems crucially, as this ensures we provide a client which a seamless and efficient cleaning service.

From our Managed Systems, training, environment to accreditation reveals how we class these important aspects of cleaning.

View more about our Management Systems here.

Find Out About IMS

Our About Us pages lets you find out who’s who within our great company, and if you don’t know much about us, this is the page we’ll advise your to visit if you want to know who’s who.

This also includes our Company Values, and what we stand for as a company, from being transparent with our accounts, success with our client relationships, and environmental and social responsibilities.

View more about our contract cleaning services & sectors here.

We hope you enjoy our brand new website design, and we look forward to updating about our progressive company to you on this blog!