Leisure Cleaning

Insite Managed Services provides sports and leisure cleaning for a number of facilities and sports clubs around Southern England. Having grown the company from early 2000, we have built a cleaning service that is honest, professional and dependable to the leisure and hospitality industry,

We have a great deal of leisure cleaning experience, which includes everything from leisure centre cleaning, gym cleaning, fitness centre cleaning to sports stadia cleaning. Not only do we offer a leisure cleaning service for health clubs, we’re also highly experienced with hotels, recreational facilities, and golf clubs in the local area. This includes but not limited to Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Slough to London.

Our cleaning staff are trained to clean an environment which is suitable for trainers, fitness goers to coaches, using the right chemicals to ensures a safe and effective fitness environment. We understand how crucial first impressions are within any leisure and hospitality facility, which leads to great customer satisfaction and encourages repeat customers.

We assure all Health & Safety requirements are met, as hygiene is an very important aspect within leisure cleaning, from customer changing rooms, washrooms to sports equipment.

We’re here to make sure your customers come back to you time and time again. Customer service is crucial within any business, and we highly appreciate how important this is within the leisure cleaning service, that our high cleaning standards guarantees.

If our leisure cleaning service sounds good, we can arrange a quick, no obligation appointment, where we will introduce our cleaning service and offer you a tailored proposal. We understand how important it is for you to receive a tailored cleaning specification, to suit your needs, timings and opening hours. Simply click the button below to enquire about our leisure cleaning services.


School Cleaning

IMS provides school cleaning services for the local secondary schools and colleges around the local area, from Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Greater London.

Since early 2000, Insite Managed Services has offered an exceptional cleaning and hygiene services which is tailored to schools and educational facilities.

We understand no two schools are the same, and provide a tailored and personalised school cleaning service which meets the requirements of schools. We fully understand how important a clean environment is essential for your pupils to learn in quality environments, and we’ve been achieving this for a number of years.

Our proven track record, which spans across many years within this sector, provides our educational clients with schools which they’re proud to work in for their students, teachers and support staff. Schools and colleges have different opening hours, and our flexible school cleaning services works with you, not against you.

An educational environment needs to be safe and clean to the highest standard to encourage learning, and we offer a cost effective way of achieving this. Our school cleaning service complies with Ofsted standards, which is a top priority for us. Using our wealth of cleaning experience, all of our school cleaners are excellently trained, have strong management systems, and experience in place to guarantee a high standard of cleaning for your School.

Ensuring an effective place to work and learn, our cleaning staff are all CRB checked to ensure a safe environment. You can be confident that our school cleaning services are in the safe hands.

With IMS school cleaning services, you’re guaranteed an excellent school cleaning service for your educational surroundings, suitable for all staff and students. If you like the sound of this, and would like to transform your School with better cleaning standards, pop us a quick email or phone us on 01344 845000, we would love to hear from you.


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Airport Cleaning

We provide airport cleaning for the top airports such as London Heathrow, and have cleaned the biggest airport brands in the world.

For over 15 years in the airport cleaning services industry, we have delivered exceptional cleaning standards and have an impeccable track record.

A 24 / 7 hour airport environment has to ensure travelling customers, clients and staff are working and travelling in a safe and clean environment. Much like the clients that we serve for other industries, we recognise how important first and last impressions are. A holiday, business trip, or flight starts at the airport, and to welcome passengers back to your airport, an exceptional cleaning standard is paramount.

Travellers expect the best environment in which to travel, that makes a big difference to their experience. From terminal cleaning, washroom cleaning to checkout cleaning operations, we match the expectations set by our clients on a consistent basis.

With this, we have the experience in dealing with an extreme level of pressure, as this sort of environment is sometimes unpredictable, but we’re here to meet any challenge. From spillages, dirty toilets to rubbish, you can trust our airport cleaning services.

We have a great deal of experience with airport cleaning so it’s suitable for travellers, and represents the airport and company’s brand in the best possible light.

If you would like to enquire into our airport cleaning and how our cleaning services can help you, simply click the button below for more details, where we can arrange a quick, free no obligation appointment.

School Cleaning In Surrey

Floor Care and Treatment

Insite Managed Services is highly experienced with floor care and treatment cleaning services around the local area of Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Slough and London.

Our team of periodic operatives will carry out effective floor care and treatment on all floor types using recommended floor products, taking health and safety into consideration at all times. Ensuring products that will not increase risk slip hazards once applied to flooring.

We understand how important your floors are, especially if you work in a busy office environment.

Periodic maintenance of all flooring is available using specialist equipment and will be carried out to our usual high standards. Using our experienced cleaning team, management structure and cleaning accreditations, we are the number one choice for your floor care and treating cleaning services.

Our floor care and treatment cleaning operatives are at hand to help you at any time.

After getting in touch with us, we can set up a no obligation appointment with you and introduce our company. To enquire about our cleaning services simply pop us a quick email or click on the button below.


Carpet Cleaning Services

We utilise a team of fully trained and highly motivated team of carpet cleaning operatives who will carry out carpet cleans in conjunction with your carpet manufacturers guidelines.

Our team has a wealth of experience in both the wet extraction and dry cleaning methods. Insite Managed Services offers all clients an exceptional carpet cleaning service that keeps your carpets in the best possible condition.

Each task put to our team will be assessed beforehand and a quote and honest recommendations will be presented prior to the work being carried out.

Using a variety of cleaning systems, we’re able to suit each of our client’s individual requirements, as this can differ from one client to the next.

Carpet cleaning is essential to create a presentable and professional image to your visitors, which removes dust, dirt and allergens which is triggered by dust.


Washroom Services

With over 15 years cleaning experience in the washroom cleaning servicing industry, we have a full range of equipment to make your washrooms shine. Creating the perfect washroom environment is essential to make your employees, visitors, and customers happy.

We carry out deep cleans of washroom services facilities using steam cleaners and sanitising materials to remove all odours to create a very clean, hygienic environment.

From our vast experience our cleaning services around the local area raises the conditions of washrooms to our high cleaning standards.

In addition to the day-to-day cleaning and deep cleaning of washroom facilities, we are able to provide the following washroom services:

  • Feminine Hygiene Service – Sanitary bins, vending machines etc.
  • Automatic Air-Fresheners
  • Sani-sleeve installation – a new method of combating build up uric acid in urinal waste pipes which eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Consumable Products provision and associated dispensers provision and installation
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

All window-cleaning work is carried out using the most effective method for the building concerned. Our window cleaners are trained to use all methods of window cleaning rom the cradles to the ‘tucker pole’ method.

We have various access strategies to reach the toughest of places, but no matter what, we will keep your windows clean and presentable.

All work will be assessed before the job is carried out to allow a site-specific method statement and risk assessment to be made and to enable us to provide you with an accurate quote.


External Cleaning

All external cleaning will be proceed by surveys to determine the most efficient and safe method of carrying out the tasks.

In doing this we are able to minimise disruption of the building occupant’s business activities, ensuring your building looks in tip top condition.

Among our many services that we are able to provide are:

  • Litter picking – ranging form sweet wrappers to a large quantity of rubbish
  • Cleaning of Building Cladding
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Light gardening duties – grass cutting

Builders or Sparkle Cleans

Many building contractors require follow up cleans, known in the building sector as Sparkle cleans.

We have worked alongside interior building companies and carried out their cleaning requirements to enable them to hand over a clean retail outlet or office building to their clients.

We are fully aware that there will be on some occasions be factors that affect the timing of such cleans and subsequent handovers to clients. Our relationship that we build with each project manager enables us to communicate with them and effectively adjust our involvement to coincide with that of any new schedules.

Our work, in addition to the removal of any construction dust, includes the removal of all labels and stickers form fixtures, windows etc.

We also, using appropriate equipment and materials, clean all flooring, walls, fixture and fittings to the highest standard to allow the occupants to simple move in as soon as the building has been handed over to them.

We can carry our builders cleans which involve the removal of excess debris and construction dust at different stages of building works, this again would be achieved effectively with the liaison between the project manger and our appointed manager.

Business Recovery

Business Recovery Response

Sometimes in business, you can’t plan for everything. This is where we come in to help.

Having experience with clearing everything from flooded car parks to lifts, to office spaces, we’re here to bring your business back into action, as quickly as possible. We work closely with our client’s employees to ensure they can get back to work as quickly as possible.

It is accepted that, with all the logistics involved and the reliance upon nature (favourable weather) and external factors outside client’ control, that delays are sometimes possible.

Insite Managed Services provide assistance to clients wherever possible to reduce the impact that any delays have upon them.

This is to ensure your company gets started again with a quick and actionable response.