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Exceptional Office Cleaning Services In Hampshire

Insite Managed Services takes office cleaning in Hampshire to the next level, as we pride ourselves with the quality of our cleaning, offer impeccable management systems, and have developed close business relationships with all of our clients.

We’re able to provide a standard of commercial cleaning that would welcome the building’s occupants and visitors to a gleaming workstation or reception, providing the highest standard of commercial cleaning. We ensure that our cleaning retains a company’s brand image to the highest degree, with no workstation going unnoticed.

Insite Managed services is a company that is very aware of a first impression an office has in attracting prospecting clients, which is why we offer a cleaning service that is a cut above the rest. From the smallest to largest offices in the country, we know our cleaning is the best in the industry.

We believe that we have a lot to offer as a cleaning company, especially within the office cleaning services in Hampshire. Here’s why;

  • 1. Offer an impeccable cleaning service by experienced and trusted cleaners
  • 2. Outstanding management systems that delivers exceptional service on a consistent and reliable basis
  • 3. Experienced within the office and commercial sector, cleaning the biggest brands and offices in the country, that ensures your staff work in quality environments
  • 4. We’re committed to continuously improve our environmental standards so you work in safe and controlled environments, that is still sparkling clean
  • 5. We understand that no two offices are the same, and provide a tailored and personalised cleaning service which meets the requirements of all of our clients.

We’re looking to expand our office cleaning services in the Hampshire and Surrey area, so if you’re the Facilities Manager, someone that deals with the cleaning at your office, or you’re a company Managing Director, and you’ll like to meet with us to discuss how we can help, get in touch with us to arrange a quick ten minute appointment.

This gives us a chance to meet with you, see why our cleaning services can suit your business, and gives you a chance to build that relationship with us.

Simply arrange a quick ten minute appointment with us today!

Another New Client Onboard

New Cleaning Contract In Heathrow : Travelex UK

Insite Managed Services are proud to announce that we’ve been chosen to clean Travelex’s UK office on the outskirts of Heathrow.

Serving over 37 million customers a year, with 1,400 stores and 1,250 ATM’s throughout 26 countries, providing payments and online international payments through partnerships with Western Union and Ozforex, Travelex have grown into a global business serving a growing market.

We’re really pleased to provide a high quality of cleaning services in Heathrow for this prodigious client, and our Operations Director Malcolm Smith states;

“We’re very proud and honored to be chosen by Travelex to provide a dynamic and efficient level of cleaning for such a respectable company like Travelex, and we look forward to building a strong relationship with them in the near future.”

If you’ll like to see how our cleaning can help your company, from commercial, leisure, all the way through to retail, we’ve got the experience to transform your company’s cleaning. We’ll love to hear from you to arrange a quick 10 minute appointment, which will give you a clear indication of what we do, and how we can help.

We’re always looking to expand our clients, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to see how our impeccable management systems, accreditation and outstanding cleaning service can make your company shine!

New Leisure Cleaning Contract In Wallington, Surrey – Fit 4 Less

Insite Managed Services is proud to announce a brand new leisure cleaning contract with ‘Fit 4 Less’, a local based gym and leisure centre in the heart of Wallington, Surrey.

This is a fantastic new adventure for us – to provide the gym with a reliable, effective and high standard of cleaning for their gym members, staff and visitors.

With our extensive experience within the leisure and gym cleaning industry, management systems and cleaning training, we’re really pleased with this important announcement.

Within the leisure and gym industry in particular, it’s paramount that cleaning is taken seriously, as any gym can be a gold mine for cross contamination and bacteria. With our cleaning services, we eradicate this and provide gym users and staff with a clean environment to work and exercise in.

If you own a gym, or you work within the leisure industry, or any other industry like commercial to retail, and want to step up your cleaning requirements, be sure to get in contact with us at any time, we’ll love to hear from you.

With our experienced leisure cleaning services, we’re confident we can provide an exceptional cleaning service for you.

It’ll be great if we can arrange a quick 10 minute appointment to discuss how our cleaning service can help make your office, facility or gym shine, which we’re confident we can provide.

Give us a quick email and say hello to us by clicking on this link.

New Cleaning Contract