Introducing our new eLearning Training

No matter how big a company is, the importance of training staff both new and experienced, really cannot be underestimated and has lots of obvious benefits.  When a robust training plan is in place, employees feel valued as you are investing in them, increasing their ability and performance and it goes without saying, that good employees are at the core of any successful Business, not just cleaning.

At Insite Managed Services, we have recently partnered with one of our major suppliers and introduced a flexible and convenient on-board ‘eLearning tool’, which keeps our Cleaning Operatives proficient on all aspects related to cleaning.

A weekly training ‘mytraining’ video is emailed to our Cleaning Operatives, and it can be completed at their own pace with no disruption to cleaning schedules.  Designed to be used by all, it is easily accessible on mobiles with no pens or paper required.  The video lasts less than three minutes, followed with three short questions at the end, covering various basics of cleaning including:

  • COSHH Training
  • Colour Coding
  • Cross Contamination
  • Health & Safety
  • Care of Equipment
  • Kitchen and Washroom Training
  • Best Practice
  • Customer Service Training

IMS embraces a multicultural and diverse workforce, and although the video is in English it can be subtitled in several other languages if required.

Our HR Training, Health & Safety Coordinator Louise Carter monitors a log by pulling a report identifying which employees have started or finished their training.   Tracking the training in this way also helps us to identify where improvements or additional training from Area Managers may be necessary.  Employees are emailed a certificate for modules when they have been completed.




Louise has already been receiving some great feedback from the team, with some of our longstanding Cleaning Operatives mentioning that “the videos are very informative, easy to follow, and enjoyable to watch!”

Neil Webb, Managing Director at IMS stated, “Our hard-working staff are highly valued at IMS, and we have dramatically upped our game by introducing this fantastic eLearning Tool.  I am committed to providing the best possible resources, ensuring that we continue to deliver a ‘high level’ standard of cleaning to all our clients.”

If you would like to be part of our team, please contact the office today on 01344 845000.

We look forward to hearing from you.

What Makes IMS Different?

What Makes IMS Cleaning Service In Hampshire Different?

Here at Insite Managed Services, we’re dedicated to provide our clients, customers and cleaning contracts the best possible cleaning service in Hampshire and surrounding areas, which is tailored to every client.

With our well managed management systems, experienced in numerous cleaning sectors (from leisure, office to retail), and working closely with our clients to ensure a cleaning service which they’re completely happy with, what makes IMS different, and why should you choose us over anyone else? Well here’s a few reasons why;

  • Innovative Cleaning Technology – one way we’ve been able to stand out is with our cleaning technology. We regularly visit ‘The Cleaning Show’ in London, where we discover new forms of technology, so we can always improve our company, cleaning service and cost efficiency
  • Tailor Made Cleaning Contracts – Unlike many other cleaning companies out there, we’re dedicated to provide a cleaning contract which is perfect for any client and customer, to ensure they receive an A class cleaning standard
  • Smooth Change Over of Services – If you have your own in-house cleaners, and your looking to change your cleaning, we provide all of our clients with a smooth change over of services, so it’s effortless and painless for our clients
  • An Emerging & Growing Company – Our experienced cleaners, management staff, all the way through to our head office, are dedicated to provide a cleaning service for every client. We’re emerging as a company, but we also ensure that we offer a personal service too
  • Exceptional Training – To ensure that our cleaners provide our clients with the best form of cleaning, training is one of our main priorities. With this, this reduces the cost of our services, keeps cleaners happy, whilst providing a cleaning service which is sustainable

From leisure, retail, to commercial cleaning, or if you’re in an industry which you want help cleaning, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at any point.

We’ll love to hear from you, as we’re looking to reach out to people within our local area, from Hampshire to Surrey, to provide a cleaning service so you don’t have to!

Want to discuss your cleaning service? Get in contact with us today!