We deliver quality training to all of our employees, using a number of different formats, from individual training and one-to-one training to team workshops. Our Company Operations Management holds certification for training to Bics (British Institute of Cleaning Science) Level 1 & 2 and are qualified as Bics Trained Assessors. We take pride in our experience and the training certificates that we hold, as this is an important part of what makes us a professional cleaning service. IMS recognise the importance of a full training programme to assist our staff in carrying out their tasks to the very best standards and follow safe working practices. As part of our commitment to our workforce we invest in professional training schemes and development opportunities. All cleaning staff are provided with British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) Operative Proficiency Training, an industry recognised qualification. Our Senior Operations Manager is a certified assessor with the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) and has certificates for levels 1 & 2. We carry out ongoing training for all employees and provide continuous programmes throughout the year.

Induction Training

All IMS employees will receive induction training on their first day carried out by the Area Manager. A training record is produced and the new starter completes the tasks and signs to indicate they have understood and completed the training.

All employees are issued with a staff handbook.

Refresher Training

Part of our company’s ethos is to maintain high standards through a highly trained motivated workforce, achieving this goal is paramount to our success, and that is why we insist that all staff should receive full refresher training, every 6 months.

Methods and skills training

The method and skills training is based upon the relevant tasks for each individual and follows our method statements and risk assessment when carrying out duties. Items covered include:
  • The safe use and care of equipment
  • Basic skills and method
  • The safe use of chemicals
  • The correct procedures for safe storage

Cleaning Health and Safety

We separate Health and Safety training into two main sections.

The cleaning industry offers up lots of potential hazards that are highlighted in the method training, however we ensure for the safety of the staff member and protection of our clients personnel and premises we focus on method safety as a separate tool.

We include:

  • ‘Cleaning in progress’ signage
  • Trailing leads
  • Wet floors
  • Potential hazards in waste containers i.e. sharps
  • Correct PPE for each tasks
  • The importance of colour coding
  • Safe manual handling

Site specific Health and Safety Training

Our staff work out various different locations across the South East and no two premises are exactly the same or have the same site procedures.

We engage with our client’s facilities department and the Health and Safety department to ensure our staff are fully aware of their roles and responsibility when it comes to working in their environment.

IMS work across various sectors of industry so it is important to recognise the bespoke site rules for each client and that our operatives adhere to our client’s procedures, for example a warehouse at London Heathrow has vastly different Site Operating Procedures (SOPs) than one of our pharmaceutical clients in Camberley.

Items in the training module include:
  • Site rules and regulations
  • Site Operating Procedures
  • Fire evacuation procedures
  • First aid procedures and identifying first aiders
  • Accident reporting
  • Maintenance malfunction reporting