Working effortlessly between clients and ourselves, we have an account management system in place that is outstanding; ensuring high quality training, technology, and work life balance to ensure our employees are the best and happiest in the industry.

Our account management team will take ownership of the day to day cleaning operation and ensure we exceed our client’s expectation of the required standard.

From the commencement of the contract we will agree SLA’s and KPI’s with our client’s representative which will form part of our monthly audit programme.

IMS management of our staff is fundamental in getting the high standards we promise. Our area account managers and on site supervisors are in their position to carry out effective check lists, monitor the standards, check methods and procedures, but also to support our working colleagues and listen to any concerns that might arise either within the workplace or of a personal nature.

Our company management work very closely with all staff and believe that the best results come from a content working environment and good morale.

As a collective IMS provide our client’s with a value for money without compromising quality or service.

Our aim is to add value to our client’s organisation and provide a clean and hygienic working environment for the stakeholders and visitors.