As a responsible company, IMS recognise that our activities (operations, products and services) have a wider impact and contribution to society.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy allows us to deliver benefits to both our clients and ourselves.

IMS received accreditation ISO14001:2008 for our approved environmental systems. This accreditation provides our client the peace of mind that IMS has control of all our management systems and adhere to the company’s Environmental Policy.

All our procedures are subject to an annual audit by an external, independent organisation and is the responsibility of our operations team along with our Environment Manager that a pass with distinction is achieved each year.

We are absolutely committed to continuously improve our environmental standards, by focusing on reducing the carbon emissions on a daily basis.

We feel passionately about working together with our clients to achieve environmental targets.

This is by applying factors that help to reduce costs and increase cost-efficiency as well as improve internal and external relations through a commitment to community services, staffing policies and customer services.

As we feel passionately about this, we conduct ourselves within these policies;

  • ISO 14001 accredited
  • Assist in the ‘Zero to Landfill’ scheme
  • Materials chosen with environmental impact in mind
  • Recycling of waste policy
  • Assistance of clients in achieving legislative environmental targets

IMS’s staff and management are excited about changing attitudes and being part of projects to reach targets of making the workplace a more environmentally compatible and sustainable place in which to spend the day.

We aim to use the very best eco-friendly chemicals and work with materials and equipment to compliment the modern workplace and state of the art commercial furniture.

Our chemical supplier is SELDON which is a world leader in producing the very best clean chemicals on the market.

We are able to assist in new projects of recycling etc. proposed by our clients, however we also take the issue seriously in house and are conscious of the type of products we are buying and ultimately using to clean our clients facility.